Indepth Research Investment

Njema Court, Suite R2

Rhapta Road Westlands

  P.O. BOX 101896-00101

  + 254 700560610


About us

Indepth Research Investment is an investment firm that capitalizes on the SME sector in Kenya. We seek to leverage on our well-designed models and experience by executing top notch strategy that is intended to add value and scale up business growth. We target business in key sectors including hospitality, education, health, real estate, transport, financial services and FMCG.  Our investment strategy focusses on taking a substantial stake in the business and then we discuss on how to implement our model and other value enhancing initiatives. We only invest in well-established businesses with over ....

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The Kenyan market has a well-balanced demand in the hospitality industry with clients from the international and domestic corporate, government, NGO, Diplomatic,...

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The health sector has faced lots of challenges over many years in Kenya. Our investment in the sector is focused on the interest to provide affordable and......

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Real Estates

The real estate products from residential to commercial properties has witnessed above market returns for the past 10 years in Kenya and the supply especially for residential premises is still below the.... 

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Massive reforms are being implemented in the education sector so as to streamline it with the world standards and leveraging on the local demand from......

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Financial services

The financial sector in Kenya has experienced a strong performance in the past one decade driven by competition, innovations, and distribution.......

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Kenya is the biggest economy in East Africa with a population estimate of 46 million with the leading transport and logistic centre....

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Our investment in this sector is informed by the increasing appetite for fast moving consumer goods in Kenya driven by the rising population and growing wealth that....

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